Gary Earl Parsons, M. Arch.

1954 Born, Berkeley, CA
1976 B.A. Cultural Anthropology, UC Berkeley
1977-79 Housebuilding instructor
1982 Master of Architecture, UC Berkeley
Thesis: Engaging the Unconscious: Toward an Architecture of Empathy and Inclusion
1986 Licensed Architect by the State of California
1987 Started the firm Gary Earl Parsons, Architect

Brandon Crespo, B.A. Arch.

1986 Born Sacramento, California
2010 B.A. Architecture, UC Berkeley
2013 Joined the firm

Le Pham, B.A. Arch.

1970 Born in Vietnam
1992 Immigrated to the The US
1997 BS in Architecture, University of Maryland
2001 M. Arch, UC Berkeley
2007 Moved to New York City
2014 Moved back to the East Bay
2015 Joined the firm

Henry Parsons, B.F.A.

1990 Born, San Francisco, CA
2013 B.F.A. Printmaking, California College of the Arts
2016 Joined the firm

Drew Cribley, B.A. Psych.

1981 Born, Berkeley, CA
2003 B.A. Psychology, UC Santa Barbara
2016 Joined the firm