“I think your design is brilliant. Your insight about the upstairs landing was genius. At 6:15 this morning I stumbled out of the master bedroom into the landing area and was awed. With the skylight and the size and shape of the room the feeling is really special. Thank you again for your terrific work and artistic insight. You came up with something really great.”


“We just want to take a moment to say thank you again and again for your support through this process. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness and care.”


“What can I say other than I finally have my own GEP home. We are so thrilled not only with the end result but with the process of working with you and Cecil. We truly value your creative thinking, your “eye” and your pragmatic yet beautiful design.”


“We know that your incredible reputation in the city and beyond as well as your eloquent insights have helped us make immeasurable progress against strangely formidable odds. Thank you!”


“From concept to final product I couldn’t imagine any other architect who possesses such command of the entire process; you are, indeed, an architectural genius… My crude first drawings came to life through your innate ability to somehow translate our dreams into reality. I’m still not sure how you do this, but it’s a damn fine skill. The final product is beautiful, functional, and most importantly brings a sense of well-being to all that visit and inhabit this structure. You’re a paradox: a super nice guy and a badass! You’re also the Yoda of the architectural world.”


“You and Nick are both so very talented and we feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with you. The process was an extraordinary experience – your guidance through it all was above and beyond – a most positive and exciting time. Thank you. Thank you for making both Michael and my desires of a dream kitchen/bedroom a reality. The entire experience was ever-so-much-more than we dreamed it could be through the magic touch of your design and the pleasure of working with you. We continue to be stunned by how enriched our lives are surrounded by your design and the work of Jamie’s group of incredible craftsmen. You are an amazing talent and a stellar human being! Thank you Thank you.”


“I love the before and after photos; such a stunning transformation with all the space and light. Its like two completely different houses. Thank you again for doing an amazing job with my house. Every single day I am grateful to be surrounded by such beauty and serenity.”


“We are 9 months into a major home renovation (adding a second story and almost completely redoing the existing first story) and I have only the highest praise for Gary Parsons. From the beginning of this process over three years ago (the delay was on our end, not his), he has demonstrated good judgment, understanding of our goals and economic constraints, and excellent communication skills, managing our expectations and steering us to a home that exceeds our expectations. From recommending a wide range of contractors for us to interview and obtain estimates from at the beginning of the project, to anticipating issues and keeping the lines of communication flowing efficiently with our contractor (Derek Tse, also excellent) throughout the project, he has helped us keep our project on track to come in on schedule — all while making us feel comfortable and confident that he had thought through every aspect of the construction and is delivering a superior product. We’ve heard plenty of horror stories about projects far exceeding time and money estimates, and thankfully that has not been our experience — Gary Parsons helped set our expectations early on, and helped us stay on course throughout.”


“As though being a creative dynamo with keen instincts, a fine eye, depth of understanding of style, and a fastidious work ethic weren’t enough! Our experience with Gary was truly delightful. He is funny, super-smart, quick, appreciative, kind, reliable and a kick to work with.
There has not been anyone, who has visited our house since the extension was built, who hasn’t complimented us on the wonderful blending and original design. And not one day has passed that we haven’t marveled at all of the well-thought out details which continue to surprise and delight us. We can’t say enough good things.”


“It was a delight to work with Gary! He redesigned our home in way that preserved historical integrity but met function and aesthetic needs. He always made himself available and was responsive to our budget parameters. Gary helped us take our old house with lots of small rooms that snaked through each other and really opened it up. Now one walks through the front door and sees through three arched openings that frame the living room, dining room and kitchen and open out to our backyard. People love the feel and flow of our house (including ourselves, of course!)”


“I have been building projects with Gary Parsons for more than ten years. His designs are both imaginative and elegant. His drawings and specifications are the clearest of all the architects with whom I work. We have never encountered a problem with design or site conditions that we were unable to resolve to the satisfaction of all parties involved.”

-KEITH C. BUPP, General Contractor

“It is a pleasure to work on projects with and by Gary Parsons. His designs combine elegance and functionality with a comprehensive grasp of the construction process. Gary and his staff are great problem solvers. He encourages collaboration between the client, architect and builder, so jobs run smoothly and the results are beautiful.”

-BILL JETTON, Jetton Construction, Inc.

“The biggest reason that we enjoyed working with Gary and why we hope to work with him again is because we felt that he listened to us and interpreted our ideas, yet the finished project still had his unique stamp on it.”


“Gary Parsons designed our house through a collaborative effort – the result is beautiful, functional and cost effective. Gary really listened and gave us what we wanted.”


“I wanted you to know that L. and I had an opportunity to see the work you did to the Cannon’s Maybeck house (when they) hosted a school event at their wonderful (thanks to you) home. All I can say is… WOW! The ideas you came up with were awesome. The interior walkway around the central courtyard is really special. And the way you blended the old and the new was respectful and ingenious. I am very impressed.”


“After my wife and I spent years thinking about our house, Gary turned our remodel dreams into reality. Gary helped my wife and I reach agreement with all of the difficult design decisions by listening to us and incorporating each of our ideas. He suggested lots of special “Gary” touches that enhanced the utility, as well as the aesthetics, of the kitchen and addition while staying true to the style of the original house. He recommended our contractor who turned out to be fantastic. His guidance and support through the whole process helped make the whole job not only easier but even fun (at times)! We are way beyond pleased and satisfied!”


“We have had pleasure of working with Gary Parsons and his office on numerous projects. Each time we have found it a distinct pleasure. Gary and his team always conduct themselves in the most professional manner possible. Gary’s unique technique of analyzing a situation and coming to a quick and effective solution without even the slightest trepidation makes it a delight to work as a member of his project team. The most obvious example of this was when my wife and I hired Gary to design the remodel of our own home. In this case, we got to see not only how well Gary works with contractors, but we also got to see how well Gary works with clients, from the client’s perspective. For our home Gary demonstrated his ability to select architectural details that were both aesthetic and constructible, which is so important on a remodel project. In addition, Gary showed a talent for blending the subtle characteristics of light and color in creating an overall texture of warmth in our home; qualities we have found other architects oftentimes have a difficult time achieving.
In sum, we have nothing but fabulous things to say about Gary. Gary is a definite example of why it is beneficial, and money well spent, to hire a qualified architect.”

-ANDREW MASCHERONI, President, Mascheroni Construction Inc.

“Good to see you today… I’m glad to be back on one of your projects…you are far and away the best residential architect around… I always pore over your drawings carefully to see what I can steal for my house…it’s just lovely, you did Mr. Maybeck proud I’d say… talk about the once-in-a-lifetime project… it is as we used to say, just flat bitchin’…”

-GEORGE RUSSELL, Electrician Extraordinaire

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your terrific design and all the great details you brought to the house, which I can now fully appreciate. I love the sky lights (particularly the one over the master shower!). The master bedroom and bathroom are truly unique and wonderful, as is the family room. We are also crazy about the barrel ceiling and patio trellis. We were determined to create a home that brought us closer to nature and fully exploited the wonderful views. Thankfully, we succeeded with your help and guidance.”


“You (as always) have been a delight to work with. The kitchen looks lovely & we have never before enjoyed cooking so much! Thanks for everything.”


“After years and years of planning and dreaming, 2005 got REAL. We can’t think of many other cases in which the reality measures up to the dream so well. Not only in building – but in life! We owe this happy outcome in so many ways to you, and your supportive vision, your great team, your humor, and your inspiration. Thank you.”


“We are very pleased with what you’ve done! We love our home more each day.”


“It’s been a wild and wondrous ride and we are certainly riding high with big smiles of appreciation for the way you worked with us and supported us to the finish line and beyond. So many thanks for your good spirit and all the celebratory spirits you’ve brought to the house. We’re missing our regular meetings and will definitely keep in touch.”


“You’ve done a great deal more for us and our house than we ever expected. Thanks a million times over.”